Statements and Reports

The National Sikh Youth Federation periodically releases statements and reports addressing Panthic issues. Our writing serves to act as a catalyst for discussion within the Sikh diaspora by highlighting Kuami massle (issues pertinent to the Sikhs as a sovereign peoples).


Akaal Takhat Statement On Kashmir

A significant statement from the Akaal Takhat made in response to comments made by Hindutva political and religious figures and indian nationalists online regarding Kashmiri women.


Revisiting Colonial Memory

Taking a closer look at how we remember and celebrate the role of Sikh resistance against subjugation under British imperialism.


Criminalizing Dissent: Repression of Sikhs in Indian-Occupied Punjab

This report takes an important look at the indian states repression of Panth Dardi Sikhs. The arrest of this many Sikhs did not happen in a vacuum, the Khalistan Sangharsh lives and breathes in the heart of Punjab.


Ongoing Arrests of Sikh Naujawan Illustrates Continuity of Indian State Repression

Sikh naujawan (youth) in Indian occupied East Punjab continue to be arrested, detained, and tortured. In such an environment diaspora Sikh organisations are in a uniquely privileged positioned to frame a response. Free from the threat of arbitrary arrest, NSYF frames a response that speaks to the spirit of Sikh Sangharsh (resistance).


The National Sikh Youth Federation  calls for Lemington & Warwick Gurdwara committee members to issue an apology and resign. 

Sikh naujawan (youth) were arrested and tried due to media sensationalism and false claims by the Lemington and Warwick Gurdwara management committee. A peaceful protest was held and 55 naujawan were arrested, 2 arrests went to trial and eventual acquittal. NSYF calls for better management of Gurdwareh and more education for committees and police.