Khalistan: Origins of a Nation is a web-series that will explore Sikh sovereignty and it's relationship to modern day Khalistan.

The series will be aired to global audiences on the 1st of November via YouTube & Facebook with a new episode weekly on Sundays at 6pm (GMT). In addition to the weekly episodes, the NSYF will be hosting podcasts that delve deeper into the topics of each episode and look into the minds of the web-series creators.

This is a pivotal moment in the history of the Sikh diaspora, never before has the topic of Khalistan been explored in such an engaging format, poised to reach an audience of millions through social media. The web-series is presented by Azadvir Singh, an entrepreneur and activist, with a regular panel consisting of the founding members of the NSYF Baljit Singh, Ranveer Singh and Shamsher Singh. 


Show synopsis

Khalistan: Origins of a Nation will explore Sikh sovereignty and it's relationship to modern day Khalistan. 

The Sikh people, natives of Panjab, have through centuries of conflict, carved a homeland in some of the most contested territory in the world. We look at their history, their ideals, and the roots of their pursuit of nationhood. We look at the forces that have shaped the Sikh nation, the forms this nation took, from South Asia's first republic to the world's first secular rule, and the movement for national liberation that sparked a civil war for the re-establishment of home that defined a generation.

Bringing the series right up to the modern day we look through the lens of coloniality and the relationship the modern day Sikh diaspora has with their homeland and the brutally suppressed movement for Khalistan. Why is Khalistan the most pressing issue for the Sikh? Who will lead? How will the new generation define their relationship with their movement for national liberation? We answer these questions and many more on Khalistan: Origins of a Nation

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