NSYF Full-Time Campaign


Breaking Announcement

7 years ago the Guru Pyaare SadhSangat gave us the blessing to set up the National Sikh Youth Federation under the banner “Educate, Inspire, and Unite”. This initiative was inspired by Nazarband Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana’s Kesari Lehar, the representation we had on this issue in the diaspora lacked depth and was disconnected from the larger Panthic struggle.

With the Ardaas of Panth Dardi Singhs and Kaurs NSYF was established in order to ensure that the narrative surrounding matters concerning the Panth was consistent and accurate, and that resources were made available to the Sangat on Panthic matters that did not erase Sikh Sovereignty and our history as a people.

With the aot asra (protection and support) of the Guru and the SadhSangat we have been active on a number of Panthic issues and have been able to develop resources to help educate and organise the community.

NSYF has been able to deliver a high quality research driven exhibition on anti-Sikh violence and repression through the lens of the “Dehli Genocide”, which has been displayed in Sikh cites across the diaspora.

The pioneering docu-series, Khalistan: Origins of A Nation allowed us to look in depth at the roots of Sikh sovereignty and current political issues.

In addition to these major projects NSYF has created literature such as booklets, leaflets, articles and reports, which along with our academic seminars, lectures, and workshops, aided by activists internationally, has developed the Sikh conversation with a clear focus on Sikh Sovereignty.

It has been inspiring to see the conversation regarding Sikh Sovereignty develop during this time. NSYF has directly engaged in areas which were previously neglected, and has challenged false narratives and harmful rhetoric. Through the BBC, Guardian, Huffington Post, wider international media, and adjacent to national and international Members of Parliament and Governments, NSYF has represented on the Panthic position when talking about Sikh issues and has shown, through research and fact based arguments it’s ability to counter 35 years of Indian propaganda and government violence and hold the conversation on the wider context of the Sikh liberation struggle.

In order to be more effective in parchaar, we are committing our Co-Founder and Spokesperson Shamsher Singh, full-time, this will allow us to drastically increase our output and reach. Being full-time will enable Shamsher Singh to develop more recourses consolidating on the previous 7 years of our work, to hold more events, and organise and engage in dialogue with the Sikh grassroots.

We can only do this with the support of the Sangat, we have reached 50% of the target funding required through our families and friends, and look to the global Sikh Sangat for their support to evolve this morcha.

With the support of the Sangat we will be delivering inspiring projects including a ground-breaking documentary, which we have worked with activists around the world for the past 3 years to complete.

It is our benti that you support our work by becoming a member today to help us achieve our objective to commit our mind, body, and resources to the glorious vision of the Khalsa and help us contribute to building upon the foundations of GurSikhi laid by our beloved Shaheeds.