To Educate, Inspire and Unite

National Sikh Youth Federation

The National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF) is an independent NGO and Think-Tank that works with individuals and organisations in the Sikh Community. NSYF specialises in research and education for the advancement of core issues that affect our community. We also promote spirituality and networking amongst Sikhs in the UK. We work to support an environment that fosters collaboration and unity.

NSYF initiatives are focused on a few key areas these are:

The advancement of the Sikh Religion,
The advancement of Education of Sikh History,
Improvement of the Sikh Community.

NSYF aims to further its objects by Campaigning, Networking, Engaging in Research Projects, Publishing Papers, Reports, Lectures, Conferences and Seminars to further the understanding about issues that affect the Sikh Community and wider society.

Our aims are:

1. Help the Sikh Community to move forward spiritually and politically

2. Ensure every Sikh has a basic knowledge of Sikh history

3. Coordinate with Sikh youth and organisations to promote unity of thought and message

4. To research and analyse data to ensure the Sikh community has the information they need

The Sikh community in the UK needs an independent organisation to promote education, direction and networking amongst young Sikhs.

How does NSYF work?
NSYF works with your support. We have a central executive team that works with regional Coordinators. We also engage directly with the Sikh Community. We work with other Sikh organisations. All members are volunteers.

What does NSYF do?
NSYF aims to organises lectures, seminars and conferences. We also produce literature and educational videos. We network with Individuals, Groups and Organisations to promote unity and distribute information.